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Rick's Hobby Projects

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NRE Winch for FAC Scale Gliders

Srull Factor - Excel Worksheet

Latest updates:  2/12/2023 - Schwarze Teufel is finished
Dave Stott Designs 2023 Gliders

Brown B-1    Suzie Jayne    Vickers Venom
Ionosphere Intruder   Hung Aereon
Schwarze Teufel                Jiro's Dream
Christie Flying Tank           Monocoupe
Antonov A-40 / Arup S-1 / XLRQ-1
Fafnir / Vampyr / The Glider Tank
Baby Flea   Dimers

Baby Flea / #2  / #3 / #4 / #5 / 5 bis / #7 / #8 / #9
kit by Easy Built Models
2019 / Hall's Bulldog / SE5
Cabin Gull Wing /  Stearman PT-17Waco C
StaggerWing   Tunison Scout
Military Golden Age Racers

P-40c AVG            P-40f Parrot Head
F6F Hellcat           F3F-2
Rearwin Cloudster / Howard DGA-9 \ Corben Super Ace
Vega Starliner / SR-8  /  Rearwin Speedster
Rider R-2 BumbleBee / Laird Super Solution
Caudron C.460  / Scarlet Tanager
General Dynamics/Grumman F-111B
Swing- wing Build Page
  Debut IV    Blue Flash
Albatros D.Va    /    Nuts
Yak-3    Vultee XP-54   Fokker D VII
Just Plane Crazy RC  

Articulated Val   Payen Flechair PA-112 
Bleriot 127 Project   The Demon Flea
RC Planes- RC 2ch. 2017   /   The Shaft     /    Blue Ridge Special
MatCat CLG  /  Half Gollywock

  Rick Pendzick