Pinkham Field - 2018
your friendly neighborhood FAC Squadrons
 #2 - Glastonbury Modelers
 #22 - Pinkham Field Irregulars

Rick's Hobby Projects

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Latest updates:   2/6/2019 - Waco C peanut 12" ws completed
Arup S-1
 design by Smigley Riggs 2019
Hall's Bulldog
design by Prez Bruning 2019
Tunison Scout / Waco C 2019
design by Smigley Riggs - kit by Easy Built Models

The Shaft     /    Blue Ridge Special
MatCat CLG  /  Half Gollywock

Antonov A-40 Krylya Tanka
FAC Tow Line Scale Glider 2018
Corben Super Ace
FAC Simplified Scale / Golden Age 2018
New Planes 2018

Baby Flea / Baby Flea II
FAC 2-Bit +1 Old Time Rubber
kits by Easy Built Models
Ionosphere Intruder
Embryo - design by Dave Stott  2018
StaggerWing / Hung Aereon
FAC Dime Scale / Embryo
kits by Easy Built Models 2018
Fafnir / Vampyr
FAC Tow Line Scale Glider 2017
General Dynamics/Grumman F-111B
FAC Jet Cat
Swing- wing Build Page
New Planes 2017

Fokker D VII
kit by Easy Built Models - 2010
Debut IV
FAC Embryo
kit by Easy Built Models
Vultee XP-54
plans by Earl Stahl

War Birds
P-40c AVG            P-40f Parrot Head
F6F Hellcat             F3F-2 Flying Barrel
Rearwin Cloudster / Howard DGA-9
Vega Starliner / SR-8

Golden Age
Bleriot 127 Project
FAC Scale

Rider R-2 BumbleBee / Laird Super Solution
Caudron C.460  / Scarlet Tanager
Blue Flash
FAC Jimmy Allen
kit by Easy Built Models
by Skylake Models
Articulated Val
Aichi D3A1 Val Dive Bomber

Diels Kit - with 2 Stage Articulation
RC Planes- RC 2ch. Rearwin Speedster / Payen Flechair PA-112

  Rick Pendzick

  Recent History:
1/17/2019 - Arup S-1 is complete - now the flying
11/10/2018 - Hall's Springfield Bulldog basic plane shape is complete
11/6/2018 - Hall's Springfield Bulldog is started

10/1/2018 - Tunison Scout is finished
 3/21/2018 - Corben Super Ace is finished.
3/19/2018 - Ionosphere Intruder is finished.
3/16/2018 -
Ionosphere Intruder tissue covering has begun.
3/14/2018 -
Ionosphere Intruder has begun.
2/22/2018 - Corben Super Ace has begun.
2/16/2018 - Baby Flea II from Easy Built Models
2/13/2018 - Staggerwing from Easy Built Models
1/28/2018 - The Shaft from Volare short kit
1/12/2018 -
Half Gollywock Finished
11/24/2017 - A-40 Krylya Tanka First Flight at Pinkham Field
11/17/2017 - Antonov A-40 Krylya Tanka
3/29/2017 - Vega Starliner Conrail Blue trim paint is on
3/27/2017 - Vega Starliner Silver paint is on
3/10/2017 - Vega Starliner is tissue covered, waiting paint
3/4/2017 - Vega Starliner fuse is covered, waiting paint
3/2/2017 - Vega Starliner is started
2/20/2017 - Vampyr is finished
2/15/2017 - Vampyr cockpit and pilot
2/112017 - Vampyr most of the tissue is on
2/7/2017 - Vampyr RIT dye stained tissue
2/6/2017 - Vampyr stained - ready for tissue covering
1/26/2017 - Vampyr first mockup of all parts
1/23/2017 - Vampyr Glider wing mount
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