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F-111  Step #2 Center Plates Module

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Locate the two top plates, note that only one has the pilot hole marked. Use restickable glue stick, fix the paper templates to 1/16 balsa. Cut out the top plates. Then line up the two top plates on top on each other. Drill the 1/32 pilot hole. Now repeat cut out the bottom plates - Do not drill any pilot holes. Glue 3/32 balsa center spacer to the top plate and then glue the bottom plate to the 3/32 center spacer. use scrap balsa to keep the bottom plate flat. Glue in 3/32 space at Point C to keep the rubber band. Note Point A is the stop point for the wing when it snaps forward. Now drill the 1/32 pilot hole from the top plate to the bottom plate, be sure to keep the drill square. Drill through a scrap piece of 3/32 balsa to keep the top plate from splintering.


Now carefully file the top edge of the center line of each top plate. You only have to take 6 deg off the top edge. Use a file or glue your sandpaper to a flat scrap board. Do not round over this edge. Jib the center sections and glue with epoxy r similar. This will give to time to confirm the two plates are even all along the glue line.

Next take 1 piece of 1/64 ply and score the center line. Glue to the top plate so that the pilot holes are in the center of the plate. When dry drill your 1/32 pilot holes from the bottom through the top plate and 1/64 ply.

Now take the other 1/64 ply and score in the center line. Glue to the bottom plate so that the pilot holes are in the center of the ply. Finally drill from the top plate through the bottom late and the ply.

Point A is wing stop, Point C supports rubber band

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