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F-111  Step #3 Wings Module

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Assemble wing as normal - note position of the leading edge. Use a scrap 1/16 balsa to get washout. Note the grain of the balsa wing plate.

Trim and sand flat the leading edge from Point A, this will allow the ply doubler to lay flat. You will need to trim the back of R1 at Point B for the ply doubler. Be sure to glue the ply double flat, with no high spots. When dry use the ply pilot hole and drill a 1/32 pilot hole. Use a ruler and mark the position of the top spar on each rib. File a notch for the spar. Glue in spar. Sand to airfoil shape. Repeat for other wing.

Do not Cover the wings until fitting is confirmed
Do not attach Launch Pins.

Trim leading edge flat from A, Trim Rib at B Point C is wing stop, sand point D round to Fit

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