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F-111  Step #4 Tail Module

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Option #1 - Balsa Stab and/or Fin

Choose two pieces of 1/16 balsa and edge glue together to form the stab. Be sure to get the grain as shown on the plans. Using restickable glue stick, fix the stab paper template to the balsa with the correct grain. Cut out the stab and peel off the paper template. Repeat for the Fin.

Sand and finish the stab and fin. Do not forget the electronics pod. Glue 1/16 balsa sticks on each side of the top of the fin and sand oval. Paint to your choice. Use the decals to add details. Use a 90deg square to glue the Fin to the stab.


Option #2 - Built-up Stab and/or Fin

Cut out the back of the stab with 1/4 in width at the center fin position. Strip 3/8 of 1/16 balsa for the center and leading edges. Assemble the basic stab, use large gussets at the front and rear of the center fin position. Glue 1/16 balsa cap-strips to the top at four places. Also glue a cross piece of balsa on the front spar. Flip over and glue cap-strips and center cross piece. When dry sand to a airfoil shape. Repeat for the Fin. Do not forget the electronics pod.

Cover with printed tissue.

Use a 90deg square to glue the Fin to the stab. 


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