General Dynamics/Grumman F-111B

F-111 Build Site: Opens July 15 - see ya at FAC Nats

Navy Fighter
FAC - Jet Cat

First flew May 18, 1965 Calverton, NY
I was there!
Pin-up Mockup    
Ply doubler for wing root Sand leading edge flat - then glue on ply doubler Start with flat stab
Built up stab Center Panels top view Center Panels bottom view
Center Panel and Wings    
REV 5    
REV 3    
New Rev 3 of the F-111B

- adding dihedral
-moved pivot point
- changed rubber band layout
- improved timer assembly
- Wingspan swings 8.5in to 15in

  New Plan form  
REV 2    
Parts cut out from a 3-view figerglass re-enforced holes lower plate glue upside down at 90deg to fuse
wing spacer glued in mock up mock up
REV 2 rebuilt into REV 3 - see above  
new corrected stab    
click on photo for larger image If you build this F-111 - Let me know


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