Rearwin Speedster


Mega Scale 54in    
Final Photos   2015  
Back half fits on my building board completed fuse sides   the hopper
all lower formers are on 1/16 balsa wet formed around a pill bottle makes very strong planking needs wing center and turtle deck stack your balsa ribs inside 2 plywood templates
Nose block to be glued to fuse - 1.75" nose plug and keyway (needs ply face) (Bottom view) Motor Swing-Peg pulled back (side view) Motor Swing-Peg pulled back - before planking sand to the templates and you have exact ribs
wheels are easier to turn using 1/4 dowel in my drillpress Knock-off landing gear Just got it's wings working better than expected
first mockup   it is a MEGA Superior prop - 16in 1.3 pitch
first tissue part covered fix to fuse   just slides into a slot
lettering is on Tail and Stab covered    
click on photo for a larger image