Rearwin Speedster


Mega Scale 54in  
Final Photos    
Back half fits on my building board completed fuse sides completed box
  completed box the hopper has an angled rear wall to blow out all leaflets
all lower formers are on 1/16 balsa wet formed around a pill bottle makes very strong planking needs wing center and turtle deck
Nose block to be glued to fuse - 1.75" nose plug and keyway (needs ply face) (Bottom view) Motor Swing-Peg pulled back (side view) Motor Swing-Peg pulled back - before planking
stack your balsa ribs inside 2 plywood templates sand to the templates and you have exact ribs Just got it's wings
wheels are easier to turn using 1/4 dowel in my drillpress Knock-off landing gear working better than expected
first mockup   it is a MEGA
first tissue part covered fix to fuse  
Superior prop blank - 16 in 1.3 pitch pin point hinges on the wings - just slides into a slot
lettering is on Tail and Stab covered  
  still needs windows, exhaust and prop  
click on photo for a larger image