Schwarze Teufel  FVA-1 by Theodore Karman & Wolfgang  Klemperer
 built at Flugwissenschaftliche Vereinigung Aachen, 1920

by Smigley Riggs
Flying Aces Club
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Winter 2023
Scale Towline Glider - 36in wingspan

Flying Aces Club
Winter Folly

Some more FAC history and tradition... It was called a Winter Folly! You would spend most of the winter months building some crazy wild crate that probably wouldn't fly, but you had to to build it.

Never Ready Eddie
FAC Historian

Klemperer on left   Schwarze Teufel and the Blaue Maus (background)
Enhanced to highlight the plane Wasserkuppe 1920, winning time was 2:22 Enhanced to show both versions
First sailplane to be bungee launched 3 spars, cardboard packed leading edge, piano wire trailing love those spats
in 1920 they achieved only "Downhill Coasting" Front view Enhanced version
3-view, of course it's wrong in places 18% Root airfoil Won the 1st Rhon at the Wasserkuppe 1920,
beating Pelsner's Hang Glider (2nd place, 51 sec)

Contemporary gliders in 1920, The Bird Feathers on the wings - been there, done that!, The Senator 5 Eugene von Loessl plunged from an altitude of 150 meters and crashed on the west slope of Wasserkuppe, the first pilot to die on the mountain.
Final Photos    
The Money Shot MoneyShot #2 - 3/4 view  
cockpit is in the wing No markings anywhere Spats per the 3-view, different than the actual photos
front half of the 2-part fuselage    
234 of wing area all trailing edges are wire, so scalloped the glare shows every mistake
no instruments in cockpit seat back shape as in photo  
test fit - will try again a little too big hate the blue shirt - do something different shirt is too big
 going with a white shirt - tailored    
The Build    
Plan - not yet complete, I will post updates center section 1/32 vertical grain sheer web - one strong spar
  all ellipses first time wing and spats
wing built above the board, only the tabs touch 36 in wingspan  
2 part fuselage left half of the clam shell build showing off the spats
    dihedral looks right
  cockpit cutout here  
Required a male and female template    
1/32 laminated balsa formed on templates 5 bent laminated 1/32 strips make the nose cockpit cut out of the wing
    no control panel, no instruments
Stab from the 3-view all cap-striped to prevent twisting  
cap-stripped the rudder too. First time all parts are together  
    blunt nose
    1920 spats
  the bones photo  
    short nose
cockpit before paint    
Covering, Paint and Assembly    
36" wingspan wing   rear fuselage
nothing straight, all curves sailboat tail the jaws of a T-Rex?
  tried to capture a blunt nose with curve at windscreen scalloped wire traiing edge
per 3-view only 1 horizontal spar, scalloped wire traiing edge   from this angle - what are those things?
Rubber skid bumpers for the spats 1st coat-mist Krylon Flat, 2nd coat-mist Matte Sealer Chalky Finish Flatter
No control panel, just a seat and  stick    
    Red Mahogany skids and seat back
guessing 21g of lead, adjusted when trimming    

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