Antonov A-40 Krylya Tanka

 by Smigley Riggs
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On September 2, 1942, the A-40 Krylya Tanka was mated to a T-60 for a test flight at Zhukovsky Airfield near Moscow.  The tank was the stock T-60 that had been lightened for the test.  To help further reduce weight, the tank carried no ammunition and only limited fuel.  The A-40/T-60 was hooked to a tow line and connected to a TB-3 Heavy Bomber.  Inside the tank, one of the Soviet Unionís most expert glider pilots, Sergei Anokhin, was strapped in.  He was ready to fly. There were problems right from the start.  The TB-3 bomber serving as the glider tug started up.  It rolled down the runway and hauled the A-40/T-60 into the sky.  Everything seemed promising at first, but as it climbed into the sky for altitude, the drag and weight of the flying tank proved to be too much for the TB-3.  The bomber crew had to drop the tow line to avoid a crash.  Instead of cutting loose at a higher altitude, as originally planned, the A-40/T-60 was too low to prove the concept and in danger of crashing. Once cut loose, however, Sergei Anokhin proved his expertise.  He gently curved away from the TB-3 and lined up for an immediate landing.  In the short time he was aloft, he found the A-40/T-60 flew smoothly and well.  He touched down lightly with no damage to the tank.  Once on the ground, he dropped the wings, started the tank engine and drove back to the base to file his flight test reports.  From his perspective, everything had worked perfectly. For one brief shining moment, the A-40 Krylya Tanka had flown.
the only photo of the A-40 Krylya Tanka Plans - stab increased 15% Proof of Flight  - - -  Video of First Nats Flight
twin boom, twin wing, twin tail, twin stab Plastic model box-top started with the tank parts, tread has only 1 row of tabs
gun pointed rear for flight Star is on the front of tank fixed treads, 168 tabs painted black and rust-brown
tow-hook somewhere down the center of the tank stills needs exhaust, T-60 was amphibious light "Scout" tank twin boom and twin wings
First mock-up of wings Re-stickable glue stick makes all ribs easy to sand twin booms and lower wing ply support
center ply support alines and attaches tank, booms and wing   bottom view
    exhaust finally added
Ready to test fly    




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