Baby Flea - FAC Two-Bit +1 Old Time Rubber

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Baby Flea III - June 2019

Rebuild- finished 6/8/2019




Baby Flea II - Feb 2018


Went OOS June 1, 2019


Baby Flea - Jan 2010

Won this kit at Barron Field Air Races, 2009

Lost Barron Field Air Races -  2017
First printed tissue final 25.6 g - no rubber Sanded plastic wheels look great
Looks like a 'Gas Type' "dummy" motor as shown on plans  
At the field on a sunny day Baby Flea Logo modified from a web image 1939 Flying Aces - Back Cover
Gas type, rubber powered. Real motor sound?
  Construction Photos  
Bones - 14.4 gr. as shown Before "dummy" engine installed  
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