Baby Flea - FAC Two-Bit +1 Old Time Rubber

Easy Built Models - Kit# FF14 24"  Click on any photo for a larger image, should open photo in a new tab

Legal Eagle Flea #10  - October 2020

a Bi-plane Flea - 15 3/8" wingspan





  Da' Rules

Micro Flea #9  - July 2020

a Peanut Flea - 13" wingspan



Fly the one your with. I stopped lamenting about the size of my flying field, very lucky to have one. So build for your field. A peanut Flea.



Baby Flea #8  - July 2020







"The Flea" -  #7 is 36" ws - April 2020

blew up the Baby Flea plan to the full size Flea


temporary spacers added (blue tape) so it won't squeeze in

fuse is bigger than my building board bigger than the Baby Flea

new fin graphic - the "Demon" Flea

Superior Prop with Megow sprocket free wheeler clutch and Megow sprocket

Megow Sprocket for the motor hum effect

The clicker for the motor hum effect  


The "Demon" Flea The "Demon" Flea Logo


Barron Field Air Races 2009

500 winds test run Rejected - the Scientific Models ratchet - too hard to adjust

Baby Flea 5 bis - February 2020

Rebuild #6 - Baby Blue and Cream


Baby Blue and Cream

TrackR Pixel bluetooth finder, 4 grams  

June 13, 2020

You're not going to believe this - the mighty Hung really has it in for me. First day flying this year, the weather was perfect. No one at the field. A new plane's first flight of 300 winds needed a little clay in the nose, about half a pea size. The second flight made big circles so I added a 1" gurney flap to the rudder. The 3rd flight, I wound to 1000, it's not even close to a full wind of 2200 turns. The weak motor pulled it up to a good height and it started coming down, easily on the field. About half way down it stopped and started circling up, fast. In about 3 circles it was 4 times higher. I last saw it circling high over the east woods. -- GONE -- I couldn't believe it. I just hung my head, said a few choice words to Hung - it wasn't worth trying to go look for it. Yea, it was Baby Flea #6. Got'a build another one.


Good friend Steve posted this... click for full image.

Baby Flea V - September 2019

Rebuild #5 - Baby Blue and Cream- 9/25/2019

Flew into the river - Barron Field Air Races 2019

Baby Flea IV - September 2019

Rebuild #4 - Baby Blue and Cream

9/20/2019 - lost 9/21/2019 on it's 2nd flight 1000 winds

#4 found in the woods at Stillwell Woods Park

Baby Flea III - June 2019

Rebuild- finished 6/8/2019

Lost- Pinkham Field 9/15/2019



Baby Flea II - Feb 2018


Went OOS June 1, 2019 at Stillwell Woods


Baby Flea - Jan 2010

Won this kit at Barron Field Air Races, 2009

Lost Barron Field Air Races -  2017
First printed tissue final 25.6 g - no rubber Sanded plastic wheels look great
Looks like a 'Gas Type' "dummy" motor as shown on plans  
At the field on a sunny day Baby Flea Logo modified from a web image 1939 Flying Aces - Back Cover
Gas type, rubber powered. Real motor sound?
Bones - 14.4 gr. as shown Before "dummy" engine installed  
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