Stinston Reliant SR-8C

Final Photos
Covering and Painting
Final Bones

Sterling Models - Kit E8
31 3/8" wingspan
FAC -  Golden Age Scale
Final Photos   2012
Covering and Painting    
Drying wings in a jig Starting my paperwork  
final wheel pant fitting paper-work is done all paper fairings total 3.0 grms
Fuse is finished wings are on - center fuse painted left wing bottom
    crazy wings of the Stinson Reliant
bottom view    
Final Bones    
Bones - 54.2g   Cowl is finished
Showing favorite tools - file and dental pick Lots of wing  
Looks fast here...    
1/8 formers are 1/16 and 1/20 16.8 gms Mahogany Control Panel is 0.7 grms
Wire gear is changed from 1/16 to 3/64 All former openings are enlarged by 3/8 1/32 front top deck for a smooth finish
All balsa reduced / lightening holes / laminated tip Showing weight reductions - 5grms Lighter wheels
Bending the stripes for the Tail Stab enlarged no cowl yet
currently 43.0 gr Cowl bumps steps (used pencil sharpener) Carbon fiber tow in the wing struts
re-made asymmetrical cowl bumps cap-strips on rudder close-up on rudder lamination
cap-strips on stab wet molding the fairings Balsa steps are carved
click on photo for a larger image