Articulated Val
Aichi D3A1, a Dave Diels kit

   Two Stage Articulated Bomb Drop and Trapeze Retract

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1) Concept Videos
2) The Diels Kit - Construction
3) Rubber Motor Swing Peg
4) Stage One - Bomb Drop
5) Stage Two - Trapeze Retract

  1) Concept for a Two Stage Articulated Bomb Drop and Trapeze Retract

YouTube Video of the first experiments with a
Smoke Bomb

A dress Pin is pushed through the front of the bomb and
glued to a stiff paper plate. Baby power is loaded into
 the back of the bomb. On impact the disk forces the
baby power out the funnel shaped back of the bomb. 

YouTube Video of the paper mock up of the
2 Stage Articulated Bomb Drop and Trapeze Retract.

A step-by-step description of the 2 stage process.
Stage 1 - drop the bomb and allow the trapeze to fall
Stage 2 - Retract the trapeze

YouTube Video of the actual mock up of the
Trapeze Retract Mechanism.

Fixed to a flat board, here is my first working retract mechanism.

Val Bomb Drop 1
Val Bomb Drop 2 Val Bomb Drop 3

YouTube Video of the complete Trapeze and Retract.

The trapeze is made from 1/16 aluminum tubing. Slit with a
Zona saw and very tiny holes drilled. The bomb release plate
 is 1/64 aluminum plate hammered to 1/100 thin. Cut out with
a dremmel and filed and drilled. The V shaped back swing
arms are ground flat and have a 1/64 wire V pin inserted
inside the tubes. CA the whole thing. 

YouTube video of the Final Swing Peg

A string is used for the rubber motor to pull the
 Swing Peg forward. A small rubber band provides
 the tension to pull the Swing peg back.

YouTube video of the Final Retract Mechanism

An evolution of design for the Retract
mechanism. Before it is installed in
the fuse so you can see all parts.

Val Bomb Drop 4
Val Bomb Drop 5 Val Bomb Drop 6

YouTube video of the Final Retract Mechanism Installed

the retract is installed on the fuse and working great!


Stage 1 Bomb Drop
Stage 2 Trapeze Retract
Evolution of an Idea
Start with video #1 through #7 - about 12 minutes


Val Bomb Drop 7
Val Bomb Drop 8 Articulated Val

 2) The Diels Kit - Construction

Dave's autograph Initial Layout of the fuse
Wheel pants in upper right, Trapeze system in upper left.
Swing-Peg is installed. 

Wing center section on the board
Fitting the center section Center wing

Wing panel on the board Showing off the lightening holes and T shape leading edge
Wing plan

  wings attached paper fairings have compound curves
Magnet attached landing gear
paint the base coat next ...  

 3) Rubber Motor Swing-Peg

The motor Swing Peg. Uses an RC hinge pin.
Requires a rubber band to pull it back.
Lighter with better range of movement.
Inside view showing string for the rubber band.
Supported by 1/32 balsa / stooge hole
supported by 1/64 ply.
Rubber band attaches to the end of the Swing Peg.
A string will attach here also and run forward to
pull both Stage 1 and Stage 2 release pins.

 4) Stage One - Bomb Drop

The smoke bomb showing the dress pin plunger
glued to a stiff paper disk. The funnel increases
 the air flow as the "smoke" exits. see video #1
Bomb drop pin before painting  

 5) Stage Two - Trapeze Retract

The first step in the design concept is the free
swinging front arm (in brown paper) its free movement
is clearly shown in the cut-out arc.
Second an actual working model. With 1/32 ply,
a spring from a toggle bolt and plastic nyrod
 as the release pin. This worked great.
Finally - All you really need is the release pin
 and a spring. Now with a floppy disk spring.
 Slot the aluminum tube and insert the spring.

Trapeze ends - glued into holes in the fuse.
Hammered thin aluminum drilled and inserted
into slits in 1/16 dowel.
1/16 aluminum ends are slit and then drilled Trapeze rear swing arms forma V shape.
The bomb release is attached.

Bomb Release is 1/64 aluminum plate hammered
to about 1/100 thin. Then very tiny holes drilled.
Cut out with a dremmel and finished by hand
Retract with the Pin in all the way holding the
 aluminum release tube. Wire is the front
swing arm of the trapeze.
Side view with the pin all the way in. Wire is
dropped as the trapeze would drop.

Side view with the Pin almost completely pulled
 Out. Wire is laying back against the fuse.
Bottom view - Pin is pulled out. Side rear view.

Trapeze is installed and working great! Note brass tube support for the spring, allows movement Tiny drill bit makes a tiny hole in a 1/16 aluminum tube

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