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wing tip air bags 36" wingspan FAC Tow Line Scale
    chair cane wing struts are not glued, bend into place
  access hatch - port side only under side showing all air bags
  wing tip air bag  
  Auto rudder pull-pull controls Final leather cover for pilot
    flat black changed to gloss black, see above
air bags for wheels fuse side view click here for - Auto Rudder Video
auto rudder side view    
wing attachment, threaded balsa block, CA hardened vertical grain sheer webs between the spars wing mount setup
  center Air bags (wheels) first mock up
Pilot is required   Stained - before tissue covering
Stained - before tissue covering left (white Esaki) - coffe stained - soy sauce stained right (Rit Brown Dye - diluted) - this will work
  balance is correct, the CG is behind the wheels  
both planes in their hangers    
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